Start 2012 with a bang! ‘Sugar & Spice’ wins indie mystery award!

We were thrilled to find out today that ‘Sugar & Spice’ won a Red Adept Reviews indie award in the MYSTERY category for 2011.

How cool is that?

We have lots more exciting news regarding ‘Sugar & Spice’ to come shortly, plus the new bookstore, as well as some brilliant opportunities for our fab writers at MWiDP, so watch this space!

If the first few days of 2012 are anything to go by, it’s going to be a great year!

Happy New Year everyone! It is so far! ;-)


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  1. Whooo! Well done Saffi and Mark! *does Happy Dance for you*

      • anidord? personally I think anidord is a pipe dream, like any linux system, it is a good idea but people want an os that actually does what we are used to it doing.i would only buy this thing if i could erase anidord and install a usable os

  2. Major congrats to you and Mark!

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