This is an image for Book 2 of the Rose Red crime thriller series: RAPUNZEL.



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  1. Ok, so this will take a ltilte work, but not too much. There is a ltilte sorting that needs to be done.I find it easiest to store spices in spice jars or some sort of container that is easy to read. Make sure they are not too big so they don’t take up lots of space, but are large enough to meet your needs. I often have refill bags of spices. I keep those in a rectangular basket, let’s say at the top of your cabinet where it’s hardest to reach since you don’t need to get at it that often. I have a really big basket that I keep my extra spices in and I have spices up front, extra empty spice jars in the middle, and extra tea in the back. So, fill jars with spices for the lower shelves that you can reach and keep the extra in bags in your basket.Ok, so now that you have sorted: If that cabinet were in my kitchen I would put all the spices that I use most often on the bottom shelf and in the front row with possibly 2 rows behind that. For example, I keep basil, oregano, cumin, garlic powder, chili powder, salt, and pepper right up front. Cinnamon, curry, cloves, etc, which I use less often fall towards the back. If your shelves are tall enough for you to add a standing shelf that could also help if your spice jars are short enough. For shelves that are harder to reach at for individual jars I would also use baskets in and you can just pull down the whole basket, pick out your spices, and put it back up it looks very organized, and makes your cabinet easy to clean. Just make sure to label the baskets with the spices that are inside so you know where they are!I find that Ikea and crate barrel have great containers and baskets for spice storage. And, I have seen these extra stand-alone shelves at Target. If you want to try the basket idea out before buying anything, use some shoe boxes and see how you like the idea.Good luck!


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