Saffi’s end of summer sale extravaganza #2!

So, as promised, another freebie!


You can get your hands on Book 2 of the ROSE RED series, RAPUNZEL for your Amazon Kindle for the next five days –  for nothing! Yep. Same deal. It’s free! Tell your friends, share the link, hell, have a crime-reading party! It’s all yours!

What are you waiting for?


Amazon UK

(don’t forget, it’s free on all the other Amazon sites too!)

Happy reading!


Down with the kids


Yo, w’sap, homies?

Yeah, I know. I have no idea what I just said either… 😉

So, welcome back. It’s been a while.

A lot has happened since we last spoke:

The sun finally came out here in the good old Kingdom of the United, in fact, rumour has it, that this is the longest period of temperatures above 25 degrees for more than three days since 2006. Who knew eh? There was a time when we would call that Summer and not a heat wave, or a ‘sustained period of consistently high temperatures and sunshine’. *shrugs*

A Brit finally won Wimbledon (yay) and a new Prince has been born. Yep, it’s all going on here in our fair isle. In fact, the UK seems a pretty cool place to be at the moment. Welcome Prince George Alexander Louis – you have no idea what you’re in for!  🙂

Royal baby born

Yep, it seems that contrary to popular opinion, the more things change, the more they stay the same. We just stop noticing that they’ve changed. We’re good at that, kids are good at that. They are pliable and easy to mold. They will alter their thinking and their shape (and size!) in the blink of an eye and take it all in their stride. Remember when you used to be like that?

But, as much as we resist it, change is inevitable and change we must. There comes a time when despite our best efforts, things move on. A new job, a new house, a change of scenery to recharge the batteries. Time to sell the old rust bucket in the drive and upgrade to a newer model? Everyone does it. It might happen without us really thinking about it, but sure as eggs are eggs (except when they’re chickens) it will happen.

The good thing is, when you realise that it’s time for a change and you can control how it comes about.

That’s what happened to me.

I have been at this writing lark (officially) now almost three years. I have seen the publishing industry change and evolve, I have seen new writers burst onto the scene and sadly, I’ve seen one or two of them depart; some shuffling off this mortal coil forever, but leaving a million words behind them in their wake – a legacy to inspire the next generation.
Yes, things have certainly moved on.  The literary landscape is very different today than it was back then and I suspect, will be a different animal altogether in another few years and if we want to still be seen on that horizon, then we have to be prepared to alter with it.

A few weeks ago, Mark and I did a bit of shape-shifting and made the decision to put ourselves in the hands of the mighty ‘Zon for a year. Sure, we were doing quite well on other platforms here in the UK and around the world, but we’re still not sure how great the competition is from the other digital contenders and we figured that it was the right time to take a punt with the big boys whilst the others sorted out how they were going to compete in the future.

We put all of our crime titles in an exclusive program with Amazon and pulled them from all other retail channels. We’re sworn to secrecy about this program (but I am sure that you all know what we’re talking about) and we wouldn’t want to have to hunt you down and terminate you, so for the purpose of this blog, we will refer to the program as Operation Dust Check. or ODC.

ODC is an agented-books-only program that allows UK authors some extra visibility across the waters by way of specialist listing on certain Amazon pages and increased promotional activity, in return for you selling your soul to the devil for an agreed period of time. We have heard good things about ODC from a handful of authors, whilst others remain unconvinced. I guess it’s like everything you get with Amazon – you just don’t know. So we will wait and see what happens. Our promotions start next month and it remains to be seen whether they will have a huge impact or not, but either way, it was a chance we decided to take. Move with the times or get left behind…

Personally, I also decided that now was the right time to move in a different direction as a writer.

You may have read in some of my other blogs from waaaay back that my first love as a writer was fantasy/paranormal. That hasn’t changed. In fact, the Dark Halo series that Mark and I will be releasing at some point, fits nicely into that box – if you’re gonna label it. So when Mark and I started discussing our future plans and life after the ODC deal, I decided that it was time for me to veer off in a different direction.

Let me just make this clear: Saffina Desforges (as in Mark Williams and myself) is still very much alive and kicking (or writing). We have NOT parted company. Sure, he drives me insane sometimes (more insane?) and we have our cyber-spats now and again, but we are still 100% team Saffi and will remain so for many years to come. We will still be releasing titles in the Rose Red Series and as I said, Dark Halo will appear at some point in the near future, but we have agreed to work separately on other projects.

That’s where the new kids on the block come in.

No, not the eighties group – the INDIGO KIDS. Here, meet them. Come and say hello…


As you can see from the cover, I am now writing as STEVIE JORDAN.

You can find out more about the kids and the other books in the series here.

This project is another (but very different) collaboration for me. My crazy-but-lovely friend Karen Osborne would rather spend her time horse whispering and talking to the stars. What better person to write a sci-fi/paranormal fantasy trilogy with?

Jax – Book One of INDIGO KIDS  was released yesterday and this morning, it charted both here and in France.  Happysmiley face.



Needless to say, we are very happy and we hope that you’ll check out the kids and the series if you get chance.

Moving in this direction is a leap of faith for me. I am following my heart (and my characters) and going where my pen takes me. As a writer, we learn and grow all the time and STEVIE JORDAN is just another one of many paths that have to be explored.

For more information on STEVIE JORDAN and the new CRIMES IN WONDERLAND series featuring DI Andi Lincoln (set in my home town) too, check out the blog.

So it’s onwards and upwards. Another journey into the unknown, another new chapter. After all, that’s what writing is about, right?

Hell, that’s what life is about…


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all our readers ~ from Saffina Desforges

Well, it’s been quite a year!


2012 saw the publication of our first print edition in France (Paraphilia – which we are lead to believe has FAR outweighed our expectations sales-wise. Come back in January to find out how it did) and marked the two year anniversary of Sugar & Spice.

We now have a total of FIVE full-length novels, (two of which are available in print direct from Amazon), two novellas, two short stories, two anthologies and four novellas written under a couple of other names available on all e-reading platforms.

Phew! And in-between that, we have found a little time to blog, tweet, fb, pinterest, stumble and even collaborate on a couple of e-publishing books written by others. Oh yeah, and sometimes we slept… 😉

“So, what are you gonna give us in 2013, Saffina?”

Ah, well, I thought you’d never ask! 😉

I am sooooooo excited about the projects we are working on for next year.

We will be releasing books three and four of the Rose Red crime thriller series. Beauty & the Beast will be out first quarter of 2013 and Little Red Riding Hood at the end of the year.

Coming early 2013

Coming early 2013

And just to make sure that you keep up with Red and the team, there’ll be some more Rose Red Rhyme shorts in between!

Speaking of Rose Red Rhymes, you readers have been sooooooo good this year, that we have a little pressie for you. Ring-A-Ring O’Roses is FREE for the next five days!

If you live in the UK, click here. 

RotW, here.

(also free on all other Amazon sites world-wide)

Just a little thank you for being so wonderful! 😉

Now, where was I? Oh yes, 2013. What else?

Well, the fabulous St. Mallory’s forever ! will be hitting your Kindles (other generic e-reading devices are available) in the New Year, so look out for it!

Aside from that our BIG release and a slight swerve away from our usual stuff, will be the first in our new DARK HALO (urban fantasy) trilogy: First Blood.

First Blood will change the way you think about vampires and angels, forever (and then some)…

There might even be time for a few other surprises along the way. Who knows?

Saffina Desforges, always entertaining. Never what you expect.

So all that remains is for us to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year, we hope to see you all back again in 2013!


Whodunnit? Amazon and the mystery of the vanishing reviews

Here’s a thing: We made the mighty ‘Zon almost £15,000 in May of 2011 with sales for ‘Sugar & Spice’. We got next to nothing.

I wonder if I went to my boss at my day job and said, “I tell you what, I’m gonna work these four weeks for free. I don’t want paying. Well, I DO want paying, but I’ll give you 110% commitment and you just give me a third of my wages.OKAY?”


You’d think I was crazy, right? Yeah, so would he.

Hang on a minute, let’s add something else to the mix here: “I know, not only will I work those weeks (and every other week that comes after it) for 30% of what I’m worth, BUT, I also want you to discount all the great things that my peers, colleagues and customers say about me. Right? Forget them. Wipe them from your mind like they were never uttered in the first place. Are we on the same page here?”

I can see the grin splitting my boss’s face in half right now. I bet it’s not as wide as the smile on Amazon‘s face/packaging…


I wonder what our customers would say if I rang them up and the tele-con went like this:

Me: “Hi, how are you? Having a good day?”

Customer: “Yeah, great, thanks.”

Me: “Good. Listen, I’m really sorry to spoil it, but you know that 25 tonne of plastic compound you bought from us last month (bear with me here, we can’t all be stay-at-home-full-time-writers. Got bills to pay etc), well, I kinda want it back.”

Customer: “Sorry?”

Me: “Yeah, I know how it sounds, but my boss has decided that it doesn’t matter if you paid for it and then told everyone how great it was, you’re in the same industry as us, so your purchase doesn’t count.”

Customer: “I’m really confused.”

Me: “Yeah, me too. But hey, he’s the boss. So what he says, goes. We’re only the little people, right? Hope we can still be friends? Oh, and I almost forgot; I hope you didn’t get any of  give any of  your family and friends to buy that compound and let them use it either, ‘cos if you did, we’re gonna need that back too.”

Customer: “Right, I’m hanging up now. Please don’t be offended.”

Yup. Wouldn’t be in business for very much longer would we? (Oh, and my boss wouldn’t have his dangly bits for too long either!) 😉

But wait. Hang on, there’s more: What if a rival competitor of ours PAID some of his customers to take our compound and tell everyone how wonderful it was? Or, better still, what if we just pretended to be a customer and told everyone how brilliant our stuff was? Is that ok?

Apparently so.  Apparently, also, integrity and talent is no longer a pre-requisite for success. You’ve only got to watch X Factor to affirm that.

John Locke made millions from paying for people to review his books, and then, guess what? He wrote a book about it? (this should really be on my Banning the Bullshit blog) You can get it here if you really want to make a complete tw@t of yourself/take the piss out of the buying public and other species, like desperate writers

So, what is this rant about huh? Well, let me tell you.

On Friday afternoon, we had 263 reviews for ‘Sugar & Spice’, 45 for Snow White and ELEVEN five star reviews for Anca’s Story. I could go on.

Take a look now. It’s a mystery.

Whodidit? Who decided that because my sister bought, read and loved a book that I had spent two years writing and voiced her opinion and pride on Amazon for all the world to see, that she had a ‘financial connection’ with the author and her comments weren’t valid?

What about the other writers that I know who coughed up two quid of their hard-earned dosh and spent three or four hours that they will never get back reading my wares and felt inclined to pass judgement on it?

You know what? THEY. DON’T. MATTER.

Writers/minions – know your place.


You weren’t traditionally published and we can’t force you to set the price, so we don’t love you any more. In fact, we never did.

How do you know? (It’s not you, it’s me)

Well, if we’re gonna argue: You made a huge tech-error when our book was riding high in the charts and it disappeared for almost five weeks with NO explanation, but I wasn’t allowed to ask… I don’t want to drag up the past, but in case you forgot about your failures, you can read about it here. Oh, and then there was the day (days) when apparently, my book wasn’t selling. You know, despite the fact that it has sold roughly the same amount for the LAST TWO YEARS and then I saw this little pearler: ‘We apologise for the delay, but your sales figures are currently not updating.’

Huh? So, you could be making money on my book and I just have to take your word for it that the numbers are right? Hmm, I don’t think this relationship is working out. Do you?

One more thing: You can’t seem to pay me directly into my bank account for foreign currency, so after I have taken my share of the royalties, I’m gonna make sure that you get charged again for depositing a dollars cheque into a UK bank account. So there! Bam! Take that sucker!

I think we’re over.

But wait. No, please don’t call time on us. Surely we’re worth more than that? And anyway… I NEED you.

Nope. Not interested. Not listening. You’ve served your purpose. I can discard you like a rusty old bike wheel and not give you a second thought and don’t you DARE ask questions. Do you know who I am?

Everyone likes a good mystery (I mean, look at the ‘Zon’s bed-buddies, Blake and Crouch. Talk about sleeping with the enemy) but usually, the villain is caught.

This one, Clarice, has a different ending. The world is a much nicer place with you in it. But is doesn’t mean I won’t rock up for some dinner, washed down with a nice Chianti. fffffffffff…


Saffi (at your sevice) Desforges

Announcement: Print versions of our books now available direct from Amazon

Ever since we started on this crazy journey two years ago (yes, Sugar & Spice is two years old this week!) we have been inundated with requests for our books in paper back version as believe it or not, not everyone has an e-reader! 😉

Well, we listened to your requests and today, I am thrilled to announce that the first of our titles can be ordered, in print, direct from Amazon!

Rose Red 1 – Snow White comes in large (airport-sized) glossy paperback format and can be delivered to your door, anywhere in the world within 48 hours! (Amazon Prime membership ONLY. Normal delivery between 2 & 5 days).

Looks good huh?

A real book direct to your door

Just imagine this on your coffee table!

So there you go! What better stocking-filler or cool addition to your library is there? 😉

Buy Snow White from Amazon UK

Buy Snow White from

Sugar & Spice will be available soon, followed by Rapunzel and Anca’s Story.

Saffina Desforges – Because readers (whatever they read on or with) deserve the best! 😉


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  • Buy the French edition of Sugar & Spice (Paraphilia)

  • Buy Snow White from Amazon

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  • Buy London’s Burning from Amazon

  • Buy Ring A-Ring O’Roses from Amazon

  • Buy The Night Before Christmas from Amazon

  • Buy Anca’s Story from Amazon

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