Robert Black: How many more? ‘Sugar & Spice’ murderer found guilty of a fourth

Well, sometimes, life never ceases to amaze me.

Here I was, after having spent all day online, promoting our authors in our new digi-publishing venture (MWiDP), blogging, checking the charts, writing about Halloween on my sister blog etc etc, looking at the news… you know, generally being a writer in the 21st century, and I see this article on the Daily Telegraph site:



This was the man (and I use the term loosely) that inspired our best-seller Sugar & Spice. This is the monstrous serial killer that caused my writing partner, Mark, so many sleepless nights. Cost him two years of his life whilst he researched him, robbed the families of three precious girls their futures.

He actually doesn’t deserve our time and thoughts.

He has been found guilty of a FOURTH murder.

Robert Black now ranks among Britain’s most prolific serial killers.

Scotland-born Black had denied murdering Jennifer Cardy in August 1981.

The nine-year-old disappeared after leaving her home at Balinderry in County Antrim to cycle the short distance to a friend’s house.

The discovery of her red bicycle sparked a six-day search.

If you’ve read ‘Sugar & Spice’, you’ll already see the similarities. Although our story is very far removed from these heinous crimes, the murders were what inspired the book that has now sold over 100,000 copies. But, there’s a difference:

Our book is fiction. Purely an idea from something real. This guy, well, he crossed the line. In fact, the reporter today called him a “lost cause of humanity”

We have been slated in some areas for how close to the mark ‘Sugar & Spice’ is and had numerous communications from police offers and social workers not liking how they were portrayed in the book. Let me tell you now, make no mistake; the research came from first-hand experience. If only things had been done differently at the time?

Anyway, I am not here to talk about that, I am here to marvel at the forensic science that has enabled this monster to be convicted yet again. A till recipe. Sheesh. I think they said nine and a half years that the parents of that little girl have had to wait for a verdict. Jennifer Cardy, today was about you and your family and the girls and families of the other victims, not him.

I know it will be of little comfort that he (no longer afforded a name, as he isn’t of this world) is convicted of one more crime, but please take heart that the nation and the world are with you. And they’re pleased. Pleased that this monster is no longer free to walk the streets. Sorry that he wasn’t stopped.

This blog is for you, Jennifer Cardy and the others, not him.

May you RIP. xxx

As for him: “He killed childhood as much as he killed children.”

Let’s hope not…

Top spot

Well, there it is.

We made number one in Thrillers and Serial Killers…

Not a sentence most people get to say without being arrested.


Some more reviews for Sugar & Spice


As we speak, Sugar & Spice is still in the Top 50 Bestsellers on Amazon Kindle Store (UK) and has passed its 2,200 book sale for February.

Here’s some more of what readers have been saying about it:


5.0 out of 5 stars OH BOY, 22 Feb 2011
This review is from: Sugar & Spice (Kindle Edition)


This book was frightening to say the least + full of mind provoking facts- had to leave it though at several stages as I became too scared to read on!! Came back- as curiosity took the better of me. Found I was holding my breath too as many awful situations occurred, heart pounding and even “talked” and shouted at my Kindle. Not for the feint hearted. OH BOY.


5.0 out of 5 stars Compelling, realistic read. Could not put it down., 21 Feb 2011
M. Leese (West Sussex, UK) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Sugar & Spice (Kindle Edition)


Found this via Kindle store and downloaded it as it was a cheaper read and I’m so glad I found this author and book. It is just amazing.

The detail and research that have gone into it are outstanding. This makes it a fast, impossible to put down read – up with the likes of Peter James.

However, a word of warning – it is graphic in its detail and its insight into the mind of a paedophile in the character of Greg Randall. This makes it chilling but also makes it believable and realistic, if not also uncomfortable reading in places.

I will certainly look for more by this author in the same genre and would recommend to anyone who enjoys a well written british crime thriller.


5.0 out of 5 stars Exceptional in every way!, 20 Feb 2011
This review is from: Sugar & Spice (Kindle Edition)


Now and then you come across a book that take a tired old concept – in this case a serial killer stalking little kids – and turns it on its head, to produce something truly original.

Not since The Silence Of The Lambs has anything in the crime thriller genre come close to warranting the term ground-breaking.

Until now.

Sugar & Spice takes us on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, at once appalling yet mesmerising in its subject matter. It takes apart the mind of the paedophile and reassembles it in three different characters, only one of which is the killer.

And therein lies the true depth and beauty of this novel.

For while the mother of a murdered child seeks, and eventually succeeds, in bringing the killer to justice, two innocent men pay the price along the way.

Only, neither are innocent. So why do we feel for them? Care about them? Dare I say, trust them?

If you want gory detail of post-mortems, stick with Scarpetta. If it’s plodding police detectives, Morse is your man. If you like the mystery to be solved with high-tech forensics, go back to CSI:Miami. This is unlike anything else out there.

And written in a unique style that just drags you through the pages by your hair, defying you to take a break. And on those odd moments when you dare put it down you are left with questions you wish you hadn’t been asked, that taunt you, compelling you to read on.

I understand this is a first novel from this author. Let’s hope it’s not a one-shot wonder and there’s plenty more to come!

Get it now @ ONLY $0.99c/£0.71p!!

Crime & punishment

With the news yesterday that the Government in Great Britain plans to replace ASBOs and growing public disdain at lenient sentences for offenders, let’s talk a little bit about suitable punishment and justice for criminals.

Here in the UK, if you want to see the crime rates for your area/street/postcode etc and what type of crimes are being committed, it’s quite simple. Go to:

This lets you see what type of crimes are being reported in your area. Note the use of the word reported. OK, great. But what happens to these people? Do these figures show arrests or convictions? No.

How many crimes go unreported due to lack of faith in the justice system? You’ve done it yourself, admit it. (be careful there!) You have a garage or shed broken into, a bike stolen, your car damaged etc. You report it to obtain a crime number for insurance purposes, but you don’t really expect anyone to be caught do you? Or that your property will be returned?

Let’s move on to more serious crimes. The forthcoming Snow White Series will deal with all sorts. Drugs, people trafficking, murder, rape (poor Cass eh?) and lots more besides. OK, it’s fictional, but we all now that unfortunately, we live in a society where these crimes are all too real.

Does the punishment fit the crime? Are sentences long enough? Do offenders receive the right kind of help, early enough (see my earlier post on Robert Black)

How do you feel as a mother, father, carer, teacher or just a tax-paying member of the public? Are you confident that crime is dealt with effectively or would you like to see more Draconian punishment doled out?

OR is evil just something you’re born with? Stay safe.


Child killers

For those of you who have read Sugar & Spice, you will already be familiar with the content.

Although a work of fiction, the original idea (albeit not my own) for the book was based on the notorious serial killer, Robert Black – one of the UK’s most prolific and well-publicised child killer/rapist.

Black’s reign of terror began way back in 1959 at the age of 12, when he first attempted rape, and continued until his arrest in 1990. During that time he is known to have molested and sexually abused dozens of young girls and murdered at least three. There are probably more.

In the UK, the heart-breakingly familiar list of names is thankfully quite short, although one-too-many long: Mary Bell, Ian Brady & Myra Hindley, Ian Huntley, Ronald Jebson, John Straffen, Robert Thompson & Jon Venables, Roy Whiting.

Although not all sexually motivated, most of the people listed above killed more than one child. Their reasons the subject of much professional, academic and domestic discussion, both past and present and no doubt, for many more years to come.

America has its very own list… which I will leave for another day.

Robert Black was known to the authorities for over two decades before he finally murdered. He was charged and released and sent to Borstal. His background was known and yet he was allowed to go on, to continue to abuse and eventually, murder.

Sugar & Spice looks at these types of crimes from various angles and asks some serious questions:

Are potential abusers/rapists/killers let down by the authorities?

Do they receive intervention early enough to prevent their fantasies becoming reality?

Would it make a difference if they did?

Are they all dangerous monsters; beyond help with fragmented childhoods and sexual deviances or are they simply abused children who grow into abusive adults?

Is there even (successful) treatment available?

Sugar & Spice is simply fiction, although based on real-life events…but it happens, we know it happens.

So what do we do to stop it happening again?


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