Royal wedding or not…? Will IAM… ;-)

OK, it’s been a great day. William & Kate yawned their way through the ceremony and British patriots got to dust off their placcy flags (for you US/rest of the world readers, that means plastic!)

And little ole’ us? Well, we made a higher placing in the de. charts than the #1 selling book on Amazon? Stephen Carpenter who?

OK, so we’re not invited to the Royal bash @ Buckingham Palace or owt, but I tell you what…

Being in front of a book like that, if only for a second; is pretty damn royal!

A right Royal diversion

If, like me, you have OD’d on Easter chocolate and talk of Prince William & Kate Middleton‘s forthcoming nuptuals/Royal Wedding, then here’s a little light relief:

Sugar & Spice is 100 reviews old!

So, forget the Royal family getting all the love, 80% of the people that bought Sugar & Spice (and were kind enough to leave a review) gave it either four or five star lovin’!

Today is also a land-mark for us in a few other areas (no, I didn’t receive a belated invitation to Buckingham Palace for the reception) too.

We now have two books (that’s right, two) in the Amazon UK charts and categories. In fact, we have two books in the top 100 Police Procedurals!


To that, you can add number one in the following catagories: Thrillers & Serial Killers

 Oh and we’d also like to just mention, that we made #1 most wanted too (ok, it’s ‘most wished for’ but that doesn’t sound anywhere near as menacing!)

So, you could say, that we’re pretty happy! (Not to mention, still very shell-shocked)

It has been a wild ride since Christmas and we could never dare even dream of the success that we have achieved with Sugar & Spice…who knows what is yet to come?! Meanwhile, we still remain the only indie in the Top 5 on Amazon UK paid store and have now placed the US edition in the top 100 too.

A VERY big thank you to everyone who has supported us and bought the book. Don’t forget, Snow White Book One of the Rose Red Crime series will be out in the summer!

In the meantime, to buy any of the books mentioned above for Kindle or Nook, go here:

Oh and I almost forgot, Congratulations William and Kate for tomorrow, my apologies, but I won’t be able to make it… I’m kinda busy being a best-selling writer! 😉



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