Feelin’ Festive! FREE for five days…

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Enjoy. ūüôā

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Merry Christmas (or Happy Boxing Day)

It’s that time of year again – too much of everything!

Well, as our best-selling thriller ‘Sugar & Spice‘ has one last hoorah before Mark and I go our seperate-writing-ways, we thought we’d go out with a bang.

If you’re not one of the almost-a-million peeps that have downloaded it, then you have five days to do so and it won’t cost you a bean. Not one red cent/black penny/chicken.


Sugar & Spice is FREE. Click here.

Free I tell you.

Grab it now while you can.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!


‘London’s Burning’ ~ Rose Red Rhymes #3

Yes, Red is back!


‘With a pile of serious crimes to investigate and limited resources, Red isn’t too happy when The Super drops yet another case on her desk – especially as most of the incidents haven’t happened on their patch – but what the Super wants…

The lure of overtime for the team just about clinches the deal.

A series of arson attacks across the city have left buildings in ruins, vagrants almost murdered in their sleep and The Met perplexed, Superintendent Blake wants Red to work her magic and triumph where other branches have failed and he’s given her a fortnight to do it. Red never fails at anything, except maybe, convincing Pippa that the kids are old enough to make their own decisions and that they should let them – that’s one battle she’ll never win.’

LONDON’S BURNING is out now!

I know, I know, it’s been an age – but I’ve been working on other things, not to mention the third installment of ROSE RED – Beauty & the Beast.


Look out for it in the New Year and you never know, there might even be another ROSE RED RHYME!

The Sandman is coming soon … I promise!



Happy birthday Mr. Kindle – Five years on…

Yes, I know, right!

Was there EVER a time when we read proper books? I mean, with actual pages? Surely not?

It’s a bit like when I tried to explain to my nephew the other night¬†that we only had three tv channels once upon a time. He just stared at my from beneath his floppy fringe and grinned – like I was making stuff up. It took a show of solidarity from my sister and brother-in-law to convince him that such a Draconian thing was possible.

Happy birthday to yoooooou.

This little beauty is five today.


Yes, five.

And everything has changed. Forever.

I’m not going to talk about the publishing industry in general, my¬†long-suffering writer mate¬†Mark Williams bangs on about that enough over at his blog, so I’ll leave that to him, but the digital landscape is not the same as it was when the Kindle first hit the virtual shelves, that’s for sure.

One thing that hasn’t changed however, is that Sugar & Spice was – and always will be – the¬†first indie title to¬†reach number two in the Kindle store.

Yep, our very own baby is all grown-up and to celebrate, Amazon are doing some birthday promo for us. Check it, and other featured titles, out on their home page here.

Screenshot 2015-09-03 07.13.50   Screenshot 2015-09-03 07.10.28

Of course, nothing ever stays the same and the Kindle is no exception. With the advance of technology, the latest offering from the Amazon boys and girls is a super-duper far cry from the beast that first brought us e-reading. Their new Kindle Voyage is an all-singing and dancing star of an ereader and a million years ahead of anything else out there.

It might even make you a cuppa.

So, what’s next? And well you might ask, but I don’t have a crystal ball. We didn’t know back then, that we’d be translated into a multitude of different languages, have hit the top spot in China¬†and go on to sell over a million books. Crazy eh?

Nobody can know what the future holds (despite what Mr. Williams will have you believe) but we know one thing: people will always love to read – however they choose to do it, and whilst they love to read, we gotta keep writing! ūüėČ



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