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It’s been a few days since I blogged (and for very good reason, books don’t write themselves you know) and I thought I might just put up a random update;

We have just hit 50,000 sales for Sugar & Spice on Amazon alone since January 2011. That is pretty incredible considering we set ourselves a target of 150 a month from March!

Last month alone, we sold just under 21,000 books in the UK. Just wait a second while that statement sinks in…

The US edition of the book Sugar & Spice (.com) Sugar & Spice (UK) is slowly starting to take off too. We can now say that we have 2 books in the Top 100 charts on Amazon UK!

We had a very exciting phone call last night too. More on that at a later date.

We are hoping to have Book One of the Rose Red Series Snow White released by the end of July. Check back here for a sneak preview of the new cover in the coming few weeks; in the meantime, you can drop in on Ella’s blog for some juicy goss: Rose Red the inside story

On top of all that, as soon as Snow White goes live, we will be completing Equilibrium: First Blood Book One of a dark, adult, Urban fantasty trilogy.

Phew, did I miss anything??

Some people say that writing is a solitary pastime. Well not for me it isn’t, not with a co-writer and so many characters to keep me company.

One hundred and thirty four days ago, nobody even knew we had written a book, now look!

They also say that you should stick to one genre – I say, “I have never done as I was told.”

Watch this space…


PS. Look out for a forthcoming article in The Sunday Telegraph mentioning Sugar & Spice.

Fighting it out with the big boys: Saffina Desforges v Joe Konrath

In the annals of e-publishing history the likes of Amanda Hocking and Joe Konrath have their place assured.

And while Amanda has recently signed up with the dead-tree guys (legacy publishers as they call them over there) to straddle both the old and new worlds, Joe remains his usual self, quietly trying to convince us paper has no future, even while his paperbacks and audio editions continue to sell on Amazon.

Last week his blog Are You Dense? (  laid out his position in his usual bashful way.

“What the hell is wrong with you?

I’m talking to you. The writers who are still thoughtlessly defending legacy publishing.

Unless you’re making over a million dollars a year with the Big 6, continuing down the legacy path is a crazy bad idea.”

A few days before that another big-hitter, Bob Mayer ( had a guest spot on Joe’s blog and said much the same thing, but not with Joe’s charm, tact and diplomacy.

So just how well is Joe Konrath doing? His latest blog, 276,112 ( says it all.

“Two hundred and seventy-six thousand, one hundred and eleven.

That’s how many self-pubbed books I’ve sold.”

Over a quarter million e-books sold. Impressive! Well done, Joe!

Inspiring stuff, but totally unrealistic for any of us mere mortals, of course.

And as Joes says,

“It’s important to note that the very first month my ebooks were for sale on Kindle, I sold 1095 ebooks, and that was with 8 ebooks available.

It took two years for my sales to reach where they’re at, and now I have 30 ebooks available.

Success doesn’t happen overnight.”

Er, Joe… Yes it does! 

Joes says, So far, in April, I’ve sold over 30,000 books. I’ll easily break 35,000 this month.”

Say that other bit again, Joe. “It took two years for my sales to reach where they’re at, and now I have 30 ebooks available.”

Sugar & Spice has been on Kindle for just five months. We are already selling 20,000 a month, and we have only ONE title… and no paperbacks!

Ding, ding – round one, Ms Desforges 😉

Get Sugar & Spice now:

US Edition:


My new Amazon Author video

Ok, I vowed I would never do this, BUT, I have been told to connect with readers more (and Mark hasn’t seen me for ages!) so here it is: My new Amazon Author trailer for our books:

Please don’t laugh! I was UBER nervous! I mean, I can make worlds up, but talking to an imac? Nah, not for me!

Saffi. x

Amanda Hocking: Sell out or saviour?

The British Literati awoke to the news this morning that Amanda Hocking – indie Queen of fantasy and all things e-book had signed a four book deal worth $2 million.

The 26 year-old has already made over $1 million from the sales of her nine ebooks, seven of which are in the Top 100 Paid on Amazon.

Fellow self-published authors around the world have already crowned the reluctant indie-icon  as their guru, but what will they make of this?

For as long as everyone can remember, self-publishing or vanity press, was considered as a route for writers who never quite made it. If you had to pay to publish a book, it was no good, right? W-rong!

The birth of Amazon’s Kindle, Sony‘s Nook,  and many other e-reader devices, changed the face of publishing irrevocably and Hocking was one of the BIG success stories.

Suddenly, writers had the power to publish what they wanted. No commission to agents, no spending years submitting to publishers and papering your study walls with rejection slips; the balance of power tipped very heavily in favour of the scribes.

No longer were the best seller charts dominated by the big names. For the past 2-3 years, indie authors have been creeping up stealth-like on the Pattersons’ and Kings’; silent assassins. (you only have to look at Sugar & Spice for proof of that!)

Hocking has never professed her allegiance to the indie crowd. She has always been proud of her success, but never once committed her future to remaining independent. She talks about that in this article.

So what will her fellow indies think now? What does her deal mean for the all-but-deceased future of DTP (Dead Tree Publishing)?

Just two days ago, it was being written off in a live chat by two top indie authors:

Only yesterday, the sound of indie authors shredding up traditional submissions and jamming up the air-waves calling their agents to dispense of their services could be heard across the globe, to be drowned out only by the clink of large Publishing House shackles hitting the floor as millions of long-imprisoned ink-slingers shrugged off their chains and sang together in a wondrous chorus of ‘Sisters (and brothers) are doing it for themselves’…

Well, Amanda, you’ve really gone and done it now…

Twitter, Facebook and Kindleboards all but crashed today with desperate indies clambering to find out what happened. Where was their Goddess now? Who did they have to hail as the leading light in everything independent? Would their agents’ believe that they had consumed too much wine last night and were just tired after battering their keyboards all day?

Had indie publishing just been delivered the sucker-punch that DTP’s had been sat waiting for?

Amanda (quite rightly) makes no apologies for accepting the deal. She simply justifies it by explaining that she just “wants to write” and I am with her there. As all indie authors know, we are not just writers. Our time is spent blogging, emailing, writing guest posts and generally selling our brand and our books, we actually get very little time to write. So no apologies/excuses necessary Ms. Hocking.

But where are we now?

Has Amanda sold out or has she just saved millions of wanna-be Jones’, Lockes’ or Konraths’ from believing that they can churn out any old story, stick it on Kindle and become an over-night millionaire?

Time will tell. We are writers, if you cut us open, words spill out, not blood.

Amanda is laughing all the way to the bank of Trylle and you can bet the bottom of that pile of dollars, that her blood approves.


Watch out, Stephen Leather!

Sugar & Spice has been riding high this week on Amazon UK and received more excellent feedback.

It now sits at #4 in the thriller chart. All that stands between it and that coveted #1 spot are 3 books by a certain Mr. Stephen Leather. With an evil grin and a maniacal chuckle, I warned Stephen on Facebook the that we were on his tail. MWUHAHA. 😉

Seriously though folks, a BIG shout out to everyone who has bought it and commented!

It is in the Top 20 in Kindle Paid Store and guess who else stands in the way of THAT #1 slot? 😉

Look out for the new cover – coming soon!

Get it now!:

You don’t even need a Kindle or an e-reader to read it.

Download Kindle for PC for FREE, here: (you can get the app FREE too for your iphone, ipad or Mac from iTunes).


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