J.K. Rowling goes indie and announces Potter(is no)more

So, you heard it on my co-author’s blog back in April http://markwilliamsinternational.com/2011/04/06/harry-potter-and-the-dam-busters/  and now the lady herself has confirmed it.

She’s going indie!


Not only has she by-passed the big digital publishers with a move that Harry himself would be proud of in a Quidditch game, but she is also releasing some previously un-read back story.

So whilst the big players in the ebook publishing industry, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple etc, flap around, jumping through glowing hoops, wondering what effect the whole thing will have, J.K has just caught herself a great big, fat golden snitch.

Sony didn’t do too shabbily either. The move means that the books will be DRM free and available to read on any device. Ouch! That’s gotta sting worse than being hit by a bludger and will certainly send shock waves through and already muggled industry.

Oh, and one more thing – there really is no Potter no more!


So what does all this mean? Who knows? Konrath shares his views here: http://jakonrath.blogspot.com/2011/06/jk-rowling-will-self-pub-harry-potter.html

I guess, on the whole, it is good news for writers and not so great news for publishers. If they weren’t reaching for the proverbial button before, they will be now. Wondering who will be next?

But what does it mean for us indies? Well, I’m not sure? It can only be a good thing that millions of people and kids will now be rushing out /harassing their parents to buy e-readers in all shapes and sizes and thus drive more people who weren’t quite ready to make the digi-leap yet to buy other  books online, but what else?

Will the massive authors with huge backlists not yet available electronically rush out and create their own sites and start selling?

I honestly don’t think anyone knows for sure, but one thing is for certain.

The digital revolution (the publisher’s Voldemort) is here and it is happening faster than anyone predicted (apart from us – ahem).

and this time,  not even Harry and his pals can stop it.

Personally, I can’t wait to visit the Pottermore site and re-live some of that magic and yet again, JK has led the way and proven her talents as a business woman as well as a writer.



I’m also quite sad that there won’t be another book.

But, I won’t dwell on it too long. Hell, I might even don my invisibility cloak and start writing YA Fantasy fiction.

Afterall, there is going to be one huge JK shaped hole to fill in the market in the not-too-distant future. 😉

Amanda Hocking: Sell out or saviour?

The British Literati awoke to the news this morning that Amanda Hocking http://amandahocking.blogspot.com/ – indie Queen of fantasy and all things e-book had signed a four book deal worth $2 million.

The 26 year-old has already made over $1 million from the sales of her nine ebooks, seven of which are in the Top 100 Paid on Amazon.

Fellow self-published authors around the world have already crowned the reluctant indie-icon  as their guru, but what will they make of this?

For as long as everyone can remember, self-publishing or vanity press, was considered as a route for writers who never quite made it. If you had to pay to publish a book, it was no good, right? W-rong!

The birth of Amazon’s Kindle, Sony‘s Nook,  and many other e-reader devices, changed the face of publishing irrevocably and Hocking was one of the BIG success stories.

Suddenly, writers had the power to publish what they wanted. No commission to agents, no spending years submitting to publishers and papering your study walls with rejection slips; the balance of power tipped very heavily in favour of the scribes.

No longer were the best seller charts dominated by the big names. For the past 2-3 years, indie authors have been creeping up stealth-like on the Pattersons’ and Kings’; silent assassins. (you only have to look at Sugar & Spice for proof of that!)

Hocking has never professed her allegiance to the indie crowd. She has always been proud of her success, but never once committed her future to remaining independent. She talks about that in this article. http://www.startribune.com/entertainment/books/118624429.html?page=1&c=y

So what will her fellow indies think now? What does her deal mean for the all-but-deceased future of DTP (Dead Tree Publishing)?

Just two days ago, it was being written off in a live chat by two top indie authors: http://jakonrath.blogspot.com/2011/03/ebooks-and-self-publishing-dialog.html

Only yesterday, the sound of indie authors shredding up traditional submissions and jamming up the air-waves calling their agents to dispense of their services could be heard across the globe, to be drowned out only by the clink of large Publishing House shackles hitting the floor as millions of long-imprisoned ink-slingers shrugged off their chains and sang together in a wondrous chorus of ‘Sisters (and brothers) are doing it for themselves’…

Well, Amanda, you’ve really gone and done it now…

Twitter, Facebook and Kindleboards all but crashed today with desperate indies clambering to find out what happened. Where was their Goddess now? Who did they have to hail as the leading light in everything independent? Would their agents’ believe that they had consumed too much wine last night and were just tired after battering their keyboards all day?

Had indie publishing just been delivered the sucker-punch that DTP’s had been sat waiting for?

Amanda (quite rightly) makes no apologies for accepting the deal. She simply justifies it by explaining that she just “wants to write” and I am with her there. As all indie authors know, we are not just writers. Our time is spent blogging, emailing, writing guest posts and generally selling our brand and our books, we actually get very little time to write. So no apologies/excuses necessary Ms. Hocking.

But where are we now?

Has Amanda sold out or has she just saved millions of wanna-be Jones’, Lockes’ or Konraths’ from believing that they can churn out any old story, stick it on Kindle and become an over-night millionaire?

Time will tell. We are writers, if you cut us open, words spill out, not blood.

Amanda is laughing all the way to the bank of Trylle and you can bet the bottom of that pile of dollars, that her blood approves.


The next move

Image representing Smashwords as depicted in C...

Image via CrunchBase

So, Sugar & Spice is now available on all e-book platforms and will hopefully, receive premium status on Smashwords at some point this week, so what now?

I have submitted to a second, carefully selected agency and am waiting to hear back from them. Fingers crossed that they might actually be brave enough to take it on.

In the meantime, there are some poilte coughs in my head space from people that I haven’t paid enough attention to recently, so it’s back to Equilibrium and Snow White for the time being!

Thanks, but no thanks

Well, it came.

The second ‘we loved your book but it is not suitable/we daren’t risk taking it on’ letter from a literary agency. I can’t say that I was surprised, I had been expecting it and even had a Plan B.

I have decided to continue my search for a brave, forward-thinking agent to represent Sugar & Spice; who will see past the controversial subject matter and hopefully love the book as much as I do for its other qualities, but at the same time, publish it myself on Amazon Kindle (plus other similar dtps).

Please check out my other blog (http://sapphicscribe.wordpress.com) for a regular update on the process itself and come back here for further updates of The Snow White Series and how it is progressing.


Hello and welcome along.

I am Saffina Desforges and this blog is dedicated to my writing.

My writing will not be for everyone. Please do not continue/look away now if you are: Under 18, easily offended/of a sensitive nature or too scared to face the truth.

Described by one leading agent as “well-written” and “compelling,” Sugar & Spice is the first of three novels dealing in psycho-sexual deviancy. Work on the sequel, Puppy Dogs’ Tails is under way. The third book, Cold Blood, will explore the murky world of necrophilia.

When you’ve got two young children, and you think the unthinkable, where do you turn?

Inspired by a real-life sex-offender who begged a Judge to give him a longer sentence, because he knew he would harm more children if released, Sugar & Spice seeks answers to the questions society prefers not to ask.

Meticulously researched, and based on real-life studies, Sugar & Spice is car-crash reading. Only the characters are fictional…

You can register and read chapters of Sugar & Spice here: http:// www.authonomy.com

Some comments from authonomy about Sugar & Spice:

“Sugar and Spice is about turning a clever concept into a brilliant piece of work. Compelling, thrilling and dark make this a thriller with depth, and a book that deserves a place on any shelf, and especially in a book shop.

Backed easily,


“Looking at the list of favourite authors I can see where you get inspiration but you have an outstanding style of your own. This is a dark and very realistic thriller with malevolent undertones that straight away draws the reader into the plot, with a pace that drives the narrative forward.

Powerful,descriptive and highly readable.


“..Frightening, I find myself checking on my son just to make sure he’s alright, this is disturbing stuff but right on the money, this would make a fantastic miniseries or drama for late evening, the subjecy is relevant, topical and close to every parents heart. You do a good job of showing how shit the justice system is in dealing with these animals and your portrayal of the mother is especially heartbreaking, I truly believe this should be picked up and televised. Good luck and keep going with this, use Facebook and blogging to promote it and get ths story out there.”

“Sugar and Spice, the opening to an age old rhyme. The trouble is this book isn’t nice – but the author has handled the chapters I read so well.
The opening of this book is shocking, hard hitting and brutal and unfortunately, very realistic. I can see this being picked up by a major publishing house and becoming a best seller.”

“Excellent writing. Reads superbly well. Looks like a winner to me and I wish I had written it.
David (Flawless Murder)”

“A great pitch, followed by a well researched story. I think this book should be on everyone’s shelf. A look into the complex mind of a sex offender, which can be a shocking place to visit. Well done on the excellent piece of writing. Backed. Eunice – The Temple Dancer.”


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