Sugar & Spice riding high!

So, I woke up to these chart positions this morning!

#11 in Thrillers on Amazon UK, #2 in Serial Killers, #2 in Sociology and #38 in Top 100 Amazon Kindle Paid store!

Oh and Sugar & Spice was the 3rd highest ‘mover and shaker’ on with a leap of 392%. *grin*

Get it now for ONLY £0.71/$0.99!

Sugar & Spice makes the Top 30 on Amazon UK Thriller Chart!

Great news folks.

After a great first full month of sales, Sugar & Spice is now in the Top 250 paid books on Amazon UK and in the top 30 Paid Thrillers!

It has also just received its 6th 5 Star review in a row!

Big thanks to everyone who has downloaded it so far.  Please make sure that you leave a review and tags if possible, it all helps!


Child abuse: How has Social Networking changed the face of it?

Sugar & Spice ( deals with a number of issues; child abuse, serial-killers, death, how society treats potential and convicted abusers: the list goes on.

The original idea for the book came about in the early 90’s, when things like the internet, Facebook and Twitter etc were in their infancy (or their creators were!) and the mechanism for ‘grooming’ was very different.

Yesterday, the BBC reported on how it is today

So with the popularity of Social Networking and the faceless abusers having the chance to befriend potential targets via the internet, how has it changed?

How do we manage it going forward?

And just how will it affect the numbers of abused children in the future, now that their abusers have a world of prey at their fingertips?

Child killers

For those of you who have read Sugar & Spice, you will already be familiar with the content.

Although a work of fiction, the original idea (albeit not my own) for the book was based on the notorious serial killer, Robert Black – one of the UK’s most prolific and well-publicised child killer/rapist.

Black’s reign of terror began way back in 1959 at the age of 12, when he first attempted rape, and continued until his arrest in 1990. During that time he is known to have molested and sexually abused dozens of young girls and murdered at least three. There are probably more.

In the UK, the heart-breakingly familiar list of names is thankfully quite short, although one-too-many long: Mary Bell, Ian Brady & Myra Hindley, Ian Huntley, Ronald Jebson, John Straffen, Robert Thompson & Jon Venables, Roy Whiting.

Although not all sexually motivated, most of the people listed above killed more than one child. Their reasons the subject of much professional, academic and domestic discussion, both past and present and no doubt, for many more years to come.

America has its very own list… which I will leave for another day.

Robert Black was known to the authorities for over two decades before he finally murdered. He was charged and released and sent to Borstal. His background was known and yet he was allowed to go on, to continue to abuse and eventually, murder.

Sugar & Spice looks at these types of crimes from various angles and asks some serious questions:

Are potential abusers/rapists/killers let down by the authorities?

Do they receive intervention early enough to prevent their fantasies becoming reality?

Would it make a difference if they did?

Are they all dangerous monsters; beyond help with fragmented childhoods and sexual deviances or are they simply abused children who grow into abusive adults?

Is there even (successful) treatment available?

Sugar & Spice is simply fiction, although based on real-life events…but it happens, we know it happens.

So what do we do to stop it happening again?


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