Playing with the boys

Well, what a week Andy Gray and Richard Keys have had over at Sky.

Allegations of sexism and ‘inappropriate behaviour’ coupled with comments made about a female football official have brought their relationship with Sky to an abrupt end.

In Book One of our new Crime-thriller series, Snow White, the protagonist is DCI Cass White.

Promoted following the untimely murder of her superior, Bill Andrews, by The Huntsman (part of an underground, criminal cartel trying to get their hands on a priceless ruby apple with a huge diamond core and killing everyone who gets in their way in the process), Cass seeks to avenge his death by catching him and locking him up for life. She expects the support and loyalty of her team to help her do this; they have other ideas.

She is a woman in a position of authority in a man’s world and not all of them like it. Hey, Cass, get used to it!

Snow White deals with the obstacles that women face today when working in male dominated professions and follows the prejudice she encounters relating to her personal life too.

Snow White is a work of fiction, but just how real is this problem? How many of you girls out there have suffered similar issues? How many of the men have and would you dare admit it? How many of you are guilty of it?

We all like a laugh and a joke, at work and socially, but with new legislation such as The Equality Act 2010 and people being protected from unfair discrimination relating to disability, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs etc, how far is too far and is it taking away people’s rights to an opinion and our freedom of speech?

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