Women’s work

On the same day that Oprah hung up her chat-show hosting spurs after dominating our TV screens for a quarter of a century and Michelle Obama gave an inspirational speech to young women at Oxford University, telling them ‘not to be afraid to fail;

I saw this: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/edwest/100089407/the-most-pc-family-in-the-world-try-raising-a-gender-neutral-child-its-been-done-before-and-failed/

A Canadian couple aiming to bring up their child as ‘gender neutral’ in a ‘tribute to freedom and choice in place of limitation’…

Seriously? Is the world like that any more?

I wonder what Christine Lagarde would say to that?

We all know that women didn’t get a fair deal back in the day, but things have changed. Sure, there are still certain areas where we still fall behind but the days of throwing ourselves under horses are well and truly over.

The next two series of books to bear the Saffina Desforges name both feature strong, independent women. In fact, in Equilibrium, men don’t have much of a place at all – not even as the bad guy. No, the boys can resign themselves to bit parts as extras and in some cases, food!

Book One of The Rose Red crime series; Snow White also has a female antagonist, Red is a tough-assed cop with attitude and spends every day fighting male prejudice in the work place and loving every minute of it!

She even gets to kill a few baddies along the way.

Which leads me nicely to the point of this post.

June is ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ month on my co-writer’s blog: http://markwilliamsinternational.com/

He is dedicating the whole month to writers, but not just any old writers. Oh no, writers that are also girls!

There will be a series of guest blog posts and interviews from some of the hottest properties around at the moment in literary world. Believe me, I have seen the line-up; it is NOT to be missed!

So make sure you stop by and check it out cos the sisters are doing it for themselves! 😉


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  1. How exciting! I love stories about smart, savvy, STRONG women. Looking forward to your new books. 🙂

    As for those parents, well, each to his/her/its own, but honestly it feels like a step back instead of forward.

    • My thoughts exactly Shea, but like you say, ‘live and let live’! Spread the word about the ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ blogs, we want lots of brilliant, sucessful women commenting and sharing throughout the whole month!

  1. Remember, remember the fifth of November: Guy Fawkes, fireworks and the day I became two people « Saffina Desforges

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