Fathers’ Day: It’s a man’s world

Happy Fathers’ Day to every bloke in the universe that deserves the title.

Some don’t. (but we’ll not go there)

I am torn on this subject. As an independent gal, I kinda don’t hold with the whole “Behind every great man…” scenario.

I grew up thinking I was a feminist – I’m not.

Just because I don’t rely on a man to support me, doesn’t mean that I think they are all useless; far from it. I am not going to break a nail putting a shelf up when I have one of them to do it. 😉

Seriously. I mean, read this:


If you have read Sugar & Spice, you’ll know what page we’re on.

My Pa is the proud father of three (great, may I add) girls. He also has 5 grandchildren, 2 of whom are girls.

He told me how awful it was that he couldn’t bathe my three year old niece without feeling guilty.

We recently went on holiday and shared a house. I stumbled across him semi-naked.

He was more embarrassed than I was, and why? I am a grown woman of thirty eight (ahem) and he is my dad. He has washed my bum, seen me in various stages of undress over the years and has blown raspberries on my belly numerous times.

When we were little, we had a game. Me and my two sisters would take it in turns to get in the bath with my dad. He was fit in those days and had a six-pack. He used to rest a pouring beaker (that we used to wash our hair with) on his belly and we would guess which way it would fall. Innocent.

These days, you can’t even sit a child on your knee if you’re Father Christmas without being CRB checked. What has the world come to?

That said, men are evil.

I don’t make that statement lightly.

I spent two hours today researching a list of bad men to post on here. Guess what? Not many of them had kids.

Bin Laden

Josef Fritzl

My original list looked like this:


Peter Sutcliffe

Ian Brady

I could continue with a veritable feast of names of bad guys…

How strange that the TOP monsters didn’t have children.

Is that why women are so peaceful? Is that why when you switch on the news and watch the daily horror stories and atrocities, that it is usually men behind it?

Don’t start getting pissed off.

I am not being sexist, nor am I slating blokes.

It is fact.

Wars, religious/terroristic battles, murders, rapes, child abuse… all down to men.

The only thing I can’t pin on them is natural disasters. But hey, if we are to believe that God is a man, then I can’ pretty much hang that one on them too.

I jest.

I love my pa, my brother-in-laws, my nephews and have had some great male friends over the years. Not all blokes are bad.

Not all women are nice.

But I defy anyone to argue with the case I have stated.

Hey, bring it on. You’re not allowed to hit me. 😉

Come on.

Our new book (Snow White – Book One of the Rose Red Crime Series)

has a male antagonist and a female protag. Typical you might think? Nah. Wait until you read it. Queenie is a right bitch and piece of work.

I wanted to make Red the bad guy, but my co-writer wouldn’t let me.

Did I mention that I write with a guy? Yup. Mark is so far gone over to the testosterone side that he has devoted the whole month of June to female writers. Check it out:


I hope you have taken this blog post in the spirit that it was intended?

Let me leave you with this:

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

It’s people that are bad.

Happy Fathers’ day (and if you promised to see your kids today, make sure you do. Never break a promise to a kid.)

We remember. 😉


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