Crime & punishment

With the news yesterday that the Government in Great Britain plans to replace ASBOs and growing public disdain at lenient sentences for offenders, let’s talk a little bit about suitable punishment and justice for criminals.

Here in the UK, if you want to see the crime rates for your area/street/postcode etc and what type of crimes are being committed, it’s quite simple. Go to:

This lets you see what type of crimes are being reported in your area. Note the use of the word reported. OK, great. But what happens to these people? Do these figures show arrests or convictions? No.

How many crimes go unreported due to lack of faith in the justice system? You’ve done it yourself, admit it. (be careful there!) You have a garage or shed broken into, a bike stolen, your car damaged etc. You report it to obtain a crime number for insurance purposes, but you don’t really expect anyone to be caught do you? Or that your property will be returned?

Let’s move on to more serious crimes. The forthcoming Snow White Series will deal with all sorts. Drugs, people trafficking, murder, rape (poor Cass eh?) and lots more besides. OK, it’s fictional, but we all now that unfortunately, we live in a society where these crimes are all too real.

Does the punishment fit the crime? Are sentences long enough? Do offenders receive the right kind of help, early enough (see my earlier post on Robert Black)

How do you feel as a mother, father, carer, teacher or just a tax-paying member of the public? Are you confident that crime is dealt with effectively or would you like to see more Draconian punishment doled out?

OR is evil just something you’re born with? Stay safe.



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