The great American debate

Today is a great day for girls on grass. A day that has been a loooong time coming for female footballers’ in the United Kingdom.

Today sees the launch of  The FA WSL (Women’s Super League) .

It is the first semi-professional league created for Women’s football here in England and about time too! Hell, we’ll even be on TV!

What a great day for Ladies football and for the future of it, but why has it taken us so long to get here?

 The States initially recognised a professional soccer league in 2005, although it was temporarily suspended and re-instated in 2009, but Women’s Soccer is huge in America, with youngsters being given the chance to play from a very early age and gain scholarships through college etc. No surprise that the American National Team have dominated World Soccer since the 90’s (despite losing to England Ladies last week!!)

So, yet again, as with everything, we finally catch up and no-one is more pleased than I to see Women’s football getting the recognition it deserves. Afterall, we have fared better than the men’s team in International Competition for many years now. Big up to all the girls involved across the country and may the sport continue to grow!

So, my tenuous link here? The difference between the UK and The United States…

It just so happens that we have, just yesterday, published the US edition of Sugar & Spice on Amazon! (I’m good aren’t I? ;-))

You can buy it here for only $0.99c/£0.69p!

Amazon. com:

So why did we do it? We keep getting asked why we have re-written S&S for the US market? Check out our guest post on Murder is everywhere for a full explanation:

It might be a hit, it might not. We have had mixed opinions about whether readers want a more familiar version of a British Thriller, but in-keeping with the great American Traditions and beliefs, we thought you might like the choice! 😉

Don’t forget that the UK version is still riding high in the charts and that has now been reduced to £0.69p!


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