Glorious villain

I just Tweeted about watching ‘Cape Fear’ again the other night and what a great part Robert De Niro plays as Max Cady.

He is your ultimate bad guy right?

In Sugar & Spice, Uncle Tom is the main ‘baddie’ but there are other villains.  Some in positions of trust, they just don’t get caught…

In Book One of the forthcoming Snow White Series, The Huntsman is the obvious antagonist, and main target for our protag, Cass White; but he hides behind the real villain of the piece, Queenie.

They say conflict sells a story. Put your hero in a situation, give them a goal, then put things in the way – constantly. We all love a book that has a happy ending right?

Most crime-thillers end with the capture or termination of the bad guy (or gal!), but what about the ones that got away?

I suppose that is why Hannibal Lecter had such appeal.

“I’ve no plans to call on you, Clarice. The world is more interesting with you in it.”




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